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The Pierse Family by John H. Pierse

John H. Pierse My uncle John H. Pierse (1921-2002, pictured left in 1955) spent a large part of his life writing a book about the history of the Pierse family. Although the book was never completed, several people, in Ireland, Australia and elsewhere, have expressed an interest in it. As a tribute to him, I have created a version of the book on the web, to make it accessible to anyone with an interest in the Pierse family.

The Pierse Family book (The pdf file is approximately 2.7 Mbytes in size.)

John H. Pierse Publications

I have collected the first six of these papers into a book with an introduction called The Genealogical Papers of John H. Pierse (The pdf file is approximately 5 Mbytes in size.)

The English Branch of the Pierse family

This incomplete manuscript, written in pencil, dates from after 1984 and covers the period 1763 to 1878. The relationship between John Fitzmaurice Pierse (1763-1843) and the Pierse family of North Kerry has yet to be conclusively established, though the 1841 census and death notices in The Annual Register and The Gentleman's Magazine of 1843 list his birthplace as Listowel.

The English Branch of the Pierse Family (The pdf file is approximately 161 Kbytes in size.)

My own internet research has uncovered some new information about the early English Pierses, especially that coming from online newspaper archives. This extends the work done by J. H. Pierse and in some cases contradicts it. This is still work in progress but I am making a draft version available here.

New Information on the English Pierse Family (The pdf file is approximately 837 Kbytes in size.)

six generations

Six generations of the English Pierse family: John Patrick Pierse (1811-1869) to Richard Gerard Pierse

A family tree of the English branch of the Pierse family, originating with John Fitzmaurice Pierse (1763-1843) is accessible as tree rpierse1 to members at genealogical website

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