a computer package for solving nonlinear models

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Software features

WinSolve is a 32 bit Windows program for solving (nonlinear) models. The prime emphasis of the program is on user friendliness and graphical presentation, making it ideal for new users. It contains all the facilities needed by the professional model builder. However, it will also be useful to the wider academic community, both for research and for teaching.

The program has the following modelling facilities:

  1. It will solve models in several different modes: statically, dynamically, both as a system or individually
  2. It will solve models incorporating forward looking variables. Several algorithms are available including Fair-Taylor, Newton's method and the method of parameterising expectations
  3. It allows exogenisation (fixing) of model variables
  4. It will perform target-instrument simulations
  5. It will solve optimal control games with one or more players
  6. It will perform stochastic simulation and has several alternative methods for generating the stochastic shocks

In addition WinSolve has the following features:

  1. Models are written in a simple algebraic language and can be edited within the program
  2. A wide variety of data formats are supported including spreadsheet formats (XLS and WKS) and the formats used by many popular econometric packages
  3. Data can be created and edited within the program
  4. There is a comprehensive help system including context dependent help.
  5. The only limit on the size of model that can be solved is the user's available computer memory
  6. WinSolve uses OLE to communicate with other Windows packages

A Short Video Introduction

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